【Area Promotion Challenge Movie World Ranking】Notification on Recruitment of Videos

■ Area Promotion × Challenge
Due to COVID-19, this year’s World Congress will be held online. Amid the current limitations on our activities, creating Challenge Videos that promote respective regions of worldwide JCI members will be a good opportunity for us to learn about different regions, and by competing together, we will be able to enjoy a common global experience and foster a sense of unity at the World Congress. All videos will be aired in-between sessions alike TV commercials. Results of the competition will be announced on social media accounts after the World Congress period ends. Add to the excitement of the World Congress with your videos online and enjoy a virtual travel experience of different countries!!
■ Rules on creating videos
1. The length of the area-promoting Challenge Videos is to be within about 40 seconds (maximum 2 minutes)
  Sample: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1LrnZe6YiDNxKG_KFeE5yzeObbu9fHef
2. Indicate your LOM name and the content at the beginning of the video (through subtitles or by filming written material)
3. Record all conversations in English (include English subtitles for conversations in Japanese and other non-English languages)
4. These videos are to be made by JCI members
5. Film videos using mobile phones held horizontally
6. Submit videos after making necessary edits
7. Use half-digit characters for names of video files that you submit (include country name + half-digit space + LOM name)
8. Each LOM may submit multiple videos
■ How to submit your videos
Send your video files to yjc.challengemovie@gmail.com by email.
Use half-digit characters for email titles and file names (include country name + half-digit space + LOM name).
*Please note that videos that you submit will be uploaded and shown on social media, YouTube, and World Congress-related websites.
■ Steps of competition
Videos received by email →Videos uploaded on YouTube →Top 10 most viewed videos updated weekly on the World Congress website →Videos aired in between sessions during the World Congress period →Awards for videos most viewed online after the World Congress ends
■ Website for Challenge Videos on YouTube
Check samples videos and submitted videos on the following website:
■ Contact
Hayato Tsuchiya, Chairperson of Excursion Committee
2020 JCI World Congress Yokohama COC
Tel: 090-2555-4654, email: hayadon819@gmail.com